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October 2019

Words From The Editor



Hi Everyone,

We have started our regular monthly meetings and to welcome everyone back

from their Summer vacations, etc.  Luckily we missed the hurricanes so far this year.  Hopefully we will not get one.

Welcome back everyone.  If you have anything you would like added to the newsletter, let me know.

It has been awhile since I have worked on one, and I look forward to updating it.  





Editor's Notes


My email address is listed above. Please, it would be a good time for members to send to the Editor some Irish tales, articles about trips to Ireland, Irish recipes, etc.  Help us share our heritage with others. Please keep me informed of any changes to your email and postal addresses. Copies of the membership list will be available at all of our regular meetings.

The Club’s web page is on line at and is currently being updated with some history of the organization, events and pictures of them as well.   We believe that the use of the web page will aid the growth of the club.  It is important that we share this information about our heritage with everyone we can.





 2019/2020 New Officers 


The elections were held in April and now we proudly welcome your new Officers, President is Jim Williams, Vice President is Peggy Coyne, Secretary Maureen Davis, Treasurer is Judy Williams.



 Dues Notice 


Dues of $25 per member are due on September 1. Please get this in on time. If you want to make changes see or please mail to Peggy Coyne at 1518 Dewberry Ct. Port Saint Lucie, Fl 34952.




 Birthdays  and  Events  


Betty Mckinley - June 5th 

Cathy Regan - June 10th

Bernice McGillicudy - June 31st

Robert Lynch - July 22nd



 Food Corner 


Judy Williams |  Irish Shillelagh Sticks


Flat Baking Pan lined with Parchment paper or paper towels

            1 Lb. of Slab or Thin sliced Bacon

            1 or 2 boxes of Bread Sticks (Alessi, Stella D’Oro, or other brands, flavored or not) you can                 choose the thin or the regular size depending on how thick you like them


Preheat Oven to (400 Deg. F) if you choose to bake as opposed to Microwave.


Remove the Bacon from the package and work with a few strips at a time; put the other back in the fridge until used. It is easier to do the following when the bacon is firmer.


Slice the strips down the middle if you choose narrow strips or use the entire strip, begin to wrap the bacon onto the bread sticks about an inch from the bottom to have something to hold on to eat. Wrap all the way to the top at an angle. A single strip will cover all but the bottom.


Place on the flat baking pan and put in the oven for about 10 minutes or so at 400 Deg’s or until you see the brownness of the bacon that you desire. The grease will be absorbed by the paper towels.


Remove from oven to cool and serve or put into plastic bags for later use by popping in the microwave for 30 secs. to a minute.


Microwave cooking requires watching to cook to brownness to your liking.  A minimum time is 3 minutes.


PS…This is My Tribute to Judy for all the times she has prepared and shared this with us to use for a long time for sure.



  Something Special  

Member Talent Highlights


Hutchinson Island resident, Blythe Vaughan, traveled to County Leitrim, Ireland, for the Glens of Leitrim Championships, an Irish Dance competition held September 2-3.  She won all 1st Place trophies in 4 different Irish dances and was named the Meanghrad Champion for dancers age 15
and over.  

The Glens of Leitrim Championships is a registered Irish dance feis with An Comisiun le Rinci Gaelacha, and is open to qualified competitors throughout Ireland and all Regions worldwide.  The feis adjudicators were Charles Moore, Ger Stack, and Maureen Farrelly Monaghan, all from County Limerick, Ireland, with Musician, Colin McGill, of County Laois, Ireland.  The annual CLRG feis is run by The Tahany Academy of Dancing, owner Kathleen Tahany-O’Hagan, located in Manorhamilton, County Leitrim, Ireland.  


Blythe attends Tir Na Greine School, and is also a member of The Friendly Sons and Daughters of Ireland.  She will be spending a month abroad, dancing at various locations.  Blythe is a native of Maui Island, Hawaii, and currently resides on North Hutchinson Island, Fort Pierce.


Our newest members of the club – the Vaughans.

The picture is of the children at the Orange State Feis.

CONGRATULATIONS TO BLYTHE as well as her brothers and sisters  – all of those wonderful trophies!Such a great picture of the children.



Irish Phrases/Trivia/Words 


Counting from 1 to 100


1       a haon                       uh hayn

2       a dó                           uh doh

3       a trí                            uh trzhee

4       a ceathair                  uh KyAH-hirzh

5       a cúig                        uh KOO-ig

6       a sé                           uh shay

7       a seacht                    uh shakht

8       a hocht                      uh hokht

9       a naoi                        uh nee

10     a deich                      uh djeh

11     a haon déag              uh hayn djayg

12     a dó dhéag               uh doh yayg

13     a trí déag                  uh trzhee djayg

14     a ceathair déag        uh KyAH-hirzh djayg

15     a cúig déag              uh KOO-ig djayg

16     a sé déag                 uh shay djayg

17     a seacht déag          uh shakht djayg

18     a hocht déag            uh hokht djayg

19     a naoi déag              uh nee djayg

20     Fiche                        FIH-heh

30     Tríocha                     TRzhEE-uh-khuh

40     Daichead                  DAH- aid

50     Caoga                       KAY-uh-guh

60     Seasca                     SHASS-kuh

70     Seachtó                    SHAKHT-oh

80     ochtó                        OKHT-oh

90     nócha                       NOH-khuh

100   céad                         kyayd


Repeat with increment starting with 20 through 90

Uh hayn

Uh doh

Uh trzhee

Uh KyAH-hirzh

Uh KOO-ig

Uh shay

Uh shakht

Uh hokht

Uh nee



Business Friends 

Check out the music and food at Shindigs Pub






"Go Raibh Maith Agaibh (Gurra Mah Oggiv)"







15 San Pablo Lane, Port St Lucie

Officers for 2019-2020



Jim Williams


Peggy Coyne


Maureen Davis 


Judy Williams 


Maureen Davis

Maureen Davis 




Rita Holz

Joe Regan


Joe Regan
Alfie Frohman


Jim Williams


Cathy Regan


Peggy Coyne



Judy Williams



Janice Garvey 


Betty McKinley




The Rowdy Micks band

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