Our organization began in Port St Lucie in 1988 with the directive of keeping the Irish Tradition Alive through the fellowship of social and cultural activities. These goals continue today with the St Patrick's Day and the Fest, our Irish concert, and many other social events during the year. We welcome all who share our goals whether they be 100%, 50%, or just wish that they were Irish!


Meetings 3rd Tuesday of the month at: Knights of Columbus Hall, September through June.

451 SW Ravenswood Lane, Port St Lucie — 7pm


Annual Dues: $25.00 per person

Renewal September 1st each year 


St Patty's Day

 Hot Time at the  
   Williams Home,  
Plenty of food and Special Guests
The Rowdy Micks

Lots of Fun and Excitement

Annual Fundraiser 



The Leprechaun

Click me to view the Leprechaun Newsletter

Websites of Interest

Club President Maureen Davis presents 2017 Scholarship winner Meagan Knoll with a $1000 check. She intends to study oceanography at FAU.

Want to join the Friendly Sons and Daughters of Ireland

Member's Corner

Anything you would like to share with fellow members goes on the Member's Corner.
Vacation photos, interesting stories, pictures of arts and crafts you've created, etc.

Just email or snail mail it to Alfie Frohman at: alfien1y@gmail.com.

Copyright 2015 The Friendly Sons and Daughters of Ireland. 

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